Ammyy Admin – Remote Access made easy

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3 responses to “Ammyy Admin – Remote Access made easy

  1. Dear Author

    Thank you for your interest in Ammyy Admin and for such a useful review you provided.

    You may also want to try our new version of Ammyy Admin v3.0
    which is a way faster, supports connection by IP and has new useful features for better performance.

    Ammyy Admin v3.0 is free for personal use as always.

    Kind regards
    Ammyy Team


    But What is remote computer is locked and ammy admin service is running? it dont allow access until remote pc is unlock

    • You’re right. Ammy Admin is a tool for remote assistance, meaning someone needs to be on the other side. If you need something that allows you to remotely access your own machines, then I’d recommend Team Viewer. It’s free for non-commercial use.

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